Sink Unblocking Tips and Advice

Sink Unblocking Tips and Advice

Unblocking your sink – before you call a professional

When your sink becomes blocked it can be a stressful time and one that often leaves you seeing how much disruption one blockage can have on your everyday life. Some blockages are severe and may need a professional to deal with them, whereas some could be managed by yourself, with a little bit of reliable advice.

Step 1

First you need to clear anything that may be stuck in the plug hole, such as leftover food or hair. This might not be the cause of the blockage, but it will make it easier when you tackle the problem.

Step 2

Before you do anything too intrusive we suggest using a solution to help remove any built-up grease. Your solution should consist of baking soda and vinegar. First pour the baking soda into the plug hole followed by the vinegar. You should hear some fizzing whilst the solution works at decaying the built up debris, and after a few minutes you can run warm water to help pass the solution.

You can also pour bleach down the plug hole to help tackle more severe build-ups of grease. Before doing so you should read the instructions on the bleach to ensure the safety of yourself and the people you live with. If you can put the bleach down the plug hole before you go to bed then you will have a much greater chance of removing the blockage, as you will not be running water and washing away the bleach.

We suggest avoiding the use of caustic soda and heavy chemicals, as they can be hazardous to the household and leave dangerous residue in your sink or bath.

Step 3

If your blocked drain is more serious and the actions taken in the previous steps have not resolved the situation then you could consider taking a look at the U bend. If you do not feel comfortable tampering with the physical construction of your drainage system then you can talk to a member of our team for reliable, professional advice.

If you feel comfortable going under the sink to look at the U bend then you should go under the sink and locate the first U bend which will be below the plug hole. Place a washing bowl or bucket below the U bend and then gently unscrew the U bend letting the water drain. Once the water has fully drained you should clean the U bend and you may like to use a blunt knife to loosen and remove any built-up debris which is visible in the pipe below the U bend.

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